Xander The Alien

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Please note when placing an order it currently takes 10  business days to dispatch as they are handmade. This excludes postage/transit times. 

Greetings Earthlings!

Meet Xander, the wise man of the galaxy. Some say not to look deep into his eyes as he holds the secrets to the universe that a normal human brain cannot comprehend. 

He is grey in colour. His eyes are a mixture of black, violet, green and gold. He is also covered with mica powder to ad depth and bring him to life 

Size:  8cms in height approximately 

Weight: Approx 198grams 

Fragrance: Driftwood & Salt- Top: Fresh, Citrus Heart: Sage, Sea Salt and Jasmine praline Base: Sandalwood, Amber & Musk, Cedarwood

Our candles are made from Olive wax which is a fantastic plant based wax and has only natural additives. This wax doesn't contain any genetically modified ingredients such as palm or paraffin products. Each product does vary in appearance due to it being handmade.
It is bio-degradable and vegan friendly. We use Australian cotton wick for our pillar candles.