Witches Boot Black

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Please note when placing an order it currently takes 10 business days to dispatch as they are handmade. This excludes postage/transit times. 

Willa The witch has left her boot behind. She never returned so we hope she doesn't mind that we used her boot to be inspired and design. 

Colors can vary slightly due to the natural wax and not using any additives but it is a charcoal/black boot. This is very details with a fine web that covers both sides of the boot and a spider spinning her web.

It's covered with black, Violet and 24K Gold mica. 

Size: 6.9cm x 3.3 x 10.1cm in height

Weight: 78 grams approx.

Fragrance: Alchemy - Top Notes: Orange, Peach Mid: Violet, Iris Base: Amber, Pathcouli, Musk

Our candles are made from Olive wax which is a fantastic plant based wax and has only natural additives. This wax doesn't contain any genetically modified ingredients such as palm or paraffin products. Each product does vary in appearance due to it being handmade.
It is bio-degradable and vegan friendly. We use Australian cotton wick for our pillar candles.